Hi! I'm Joseph McLaughlin.

I'm a web and iOS developer with an eye for good design. I graduated with my B.S. in Computer Information Technology from Brigham Young University – Idaho in December 2012.

I enjoy working with people and technology to accomplish what others have brushed off as too difficult or impossible. I am constantly trying to find new and better solutions to common, everyday problems. As technology advances I look forward to learning about new and exciting things and how I can apply them in day to day life.

I'm a thinker and a doer. A person who likes to come up with new and interesting things and then accomplish them. I like to see the results of my efforts as I bring ideas to life. I am constantly trying to out-do my best by iterating and improving on what has been done before.

I like to have fun. I love to laugh and enjoy being around others. I try to strike a good balance between work and play, sometimes so successfuly that work is play. I'm competitive and always love a good friendly match of wits or athleticism. When it all comes down to it, I try to make sure that every day I wake up and want to go to work.

I love the outdoors and athletics. I enjoy camping, cycling, and hiking and love white-water rafting and mountain climbing. A weekend adventure in the mountains is a great time for me to recharge my batteries and find new inspiration. Closer to home I like playing a pick-up game of basketball or football.

I'm a religious person. I recently returned from serving a full-time mission for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served for two years in sunny, southern California where I taught people about my beliefs in Jesus Christ and how faith in Him would bless them in their lives.

I am addicted to learning new things. I am always interested in the latest scientific discovery or learning a new word. I love learning about the new programming languages or frameworks that come out and I look for opportunities to use them in personal projects to find their strengths. When it comes to being a "jack of all trades", I forget about the "master of none" part; I try to excel at them all.

I love talking to people, so please get in touch. I'd love to chat. I'm also elsewhere on the web, feel free to friend me up. GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn.