It’s late, so I’ll keep this brief and add details later.


This version of is a change from past releases because I didn’t write the backend. It’s being run on the very capable toto which has been dubbed “a minimalist blog engine for […] hackers”. I thought I fit the description pretty well, and upon looking around I found some things I really liked about the way it was written.

All the posts are stored as text files in markdown format, and toto converts them to HTML and caches them for speed. This allows me to write my posts in Espresso and then post them to my blog while still maintaining the source document on my MacBook Pro and safely tucked away in a Time Machine backup. I think the workflow for posting is really simple and easy to maintain, and I really love not being required to use a web-based WYSIWYG editor.


This design is the result of something Rogie King said in a tweet last month (emphasis added):

“If you want minimal design. Please don’t sacrifice your originality in the process. Too many people are going this way.”

I’ve attempted the thin look before, and have taken a lot of heat from people saying that it looks like I’m creating an iPhone site. I don’t really care. My main goal for this redesign was to create something that I enjoyed, and that was ultimately mine.

Some of the things I’ve incorporated into this design that I really enjoy:

  • Helvetica,
  • the color blue,
  • a thin, readable design, and
  • a minimalistic style.

There are a few things that are a part of the design that aren’t fully implemented yet, so I’ve put them aside until version 1.1 because “real artists ship”. I’m confident that when I’m done with them they’ll make a nice addition to the current design elements, but as they are now, they’d detract from the finished aspects.


I welcome constructive feedback or criticism on this iteration of my site, and would love to hear what you think I can change or improve on. Please hit me up on Twitter, I’m @mclaughj.

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